Unlock the Benefits of Sea Salts: Discover Our Top 3 Favorites!

Unlock the Benefits of Sea Salts: Discover Our Top 3 Favorites!

Unlock the Benefits of Sea Salts: Discover Our Top 3 Favorites!

With all the social media hype surrounding salts, it can be difficult to know which is best, how they best serve the body, and how to utilize them the most effectively and safely.  The truth, any of the unprocessed salts are excellent options with slightly different flavor and mineral profiles, but their benefits are virtually the same.

  1. Salts help to maintain daily homeostasis, or balance, of the human body, including pH balance.
  2. Along with water, salts are essential for carrying the body’s bioelectric current, its neurological function, and its ability to communicate with itself for both voluntary and involuntary functions daily.
  3. Salts act as gatekeepers and are crucial for nutrient and waste exchange in and out of every cell in the body, and also in and out of the intestinal tract.

An easy and safe way to add electrolytes to your water sources to support hydration is through the power of Sole Water.  When Celtic, Himalayan, Redmond Salt or other unprocessed salts are added to distilled water until the salt stops dissolving, the result is called sole(so-lay) water.  This solution is similar to the salinity of Earth’s oceans as well as our own internal seas.


Making Sole Water

Recommended Supply List

  • Unprocessed Salt of Choice
  • Distilled water
  • Glass Jar with glass, rubber ring lid

Herbalist’s Note:  Sole water can corrode metal, which is why we recommend using a glass jar with a rubber-ringed lid.


  • Pour water into your glass jar.
      1. Add the unprocessed salt  of your choice to the distilled water.  The finer the grind the faster the salt dissolves. Continue to add salt a couple teaspoons or chunks at a time until the salt stops dissolving.  Herbalist’s Tip: Use a spoon to stir the water; this helps the salt dissolve faster.
  • Water and salt can be added indefinitely, as needed.  Enjoy!

    A teaspoon of Sole water can be added to an 8-16 oz glass of water in the morning, on an empty stomach to get the system moving.  It can also be added to your water throughout the day to support hydration.  Undiluted, the sole water can be used for tooth brushing, and/or as a mouthwash.

    Regardless of what kind of salt you choose, it is still wise to be mindful of your overall salt intake daily.  A person should not consume any more than 1200-1300 mg, or 1 teaspoon of salt, daily.  This should be spread out throughout our meals and daily hydration, whether added or naturally occurring therein.