Snake Oil?! The Real Deal

Snake Oil?! The Real Deal

Snake Oil?! The Real Deal

Today, “Snake Oil is used as a colloquialism to describe something that is considered fake, untruthful, and/or unreal.  Its origins, however, meant anything but the sort.  The term was coined in the 1800s when eclectic physician Dr. Meyer became fixated on the Native American herb known as “snakeroot.”  The natives gave the plant this name in part because the root looks like a twisted black snake and also because they used it for snake bites.  Meyer studied this herb in depth.  He convinced other eclectic physicians to study and apply this herb in their medical practices.  He formulated a patented extract that quickly became touted as a “cure all.” It earned the nickname “Snake Oil” as that was his primary advertised use for his extract.  (Do not try this at home.)  Today, we know this herb as Echinacea.

Much of the valid research available on this herb today has been performed with Echinacea Angustifolia and/or Purpurea Root.  Of the two, Angustifolia is considered the most potent, but both are now widely available.  While the plant earned its widely recognized latin name from its signature hedgehog-like flower, the power of this amazing herb rests in its roots.

Echinacea Nutrients and Benefits

  • Rich in minerals, especially chromium, cobalt, iron, manganese, selenium, silicon, and zinc
  • Contains beta-carotene (vitamin A precursor), and vitamins B-2, B-3, C, and E
  • Naturally rich in polysaccharides, inulin, betaine, and even some caffeic acid (caffeine)

Together these essential nutrients and components help to:

  • Stimulate lymphatic flow and drainage
  • Stimulate the activity and production of white blood cells overall
  • Strengthen the hyaluronic acid barriers of cells and discourages the production of hyaluronidase, the enzyme which breaks down this barrier (This fortifies the gates of our cells to discourage infection and replication)
  • Promote digestion overall and nourish the microbiome due to the polysaccharide, inulin, and betaine content

Incorporating Echinacea Root Every Day
Echinacea Root alone is an incredibly friendly immune herb that can be taken daily at any age and in any season of life, including through pregnancy.  It is now even considered generally safe for those with long-term immune compromises.  As a supplement, Echinacea can be easily found in powder, cut root, premade tea bags, capsules, extracts, lozenges, and in combinations with other powerful immune herbs. Find your favorite and enjoy the power of echinacea any time!