Herbal Gold

Herbal Gold

Herbal Gold

Like most North American herbs, documented use and research of Goldenseal herb is limited to approximately the last 200-250 years.  Just like Echinacea, the eclectic physicians of the 1800’s performed some of the earliest clinical research of Goldenseal.  They recognized it most for its powerful immune support properties, and its ability to promote the breakdown and elimination of thick, old, congealed mucus from the body.  It has become quite popular in recent years for these reasons.  It has also become popular because it is a natural source for the enzyme Berberine which is a subject on its own.

Goldenseal Nutrients and Benefits

  • Known to contain all vitamins A-E; does not contain vitamin K
  • Naturally rich in minerals, especially calcium, chromium, cobalt, copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, sulfur, and zinc
  • Contains signature berberine, hydrastine, and canadine enzymes

Goldenseal leaf and root can help to:

  • Stimulate blood flow to the spleen
  • Stimulate lymphatic flow and drainage
  • Stimulate white blood cell production and activity, especially macrophages (Antigen/Pathogen Eaters)
  • Discourage irregular cell growth
  • Promote overall immune response and elimination of congealed mucus, particularly in the respiratory, urinary, and reproductive systems
  • Promote the die-off of fungal and bacterial overgrowth
  • Support healthy immune response within damaged tissues inside and out
  • Stimulate appetite and digestive secretions when taken in small quantities
  • Stimulate the elimination of blood sugar

Incorporating Goldenseal
While Goldenseal can be taken daily, it may not be the best option for habitual use.  Due to its limited cultivation and endangered wild status, it is herbal gold. Goldenseal is a heavy hitter, made by nature to stimulate the rapid response of the immune system, and may be best to use when feeling the beginnings of an active immune compromise.  Goldenseal roots and leaves can be found in a variety of options from powders or cuts, single herb capsules, and premade tea bags.  It is also found in a variety of herbal combinations, especially with Echinacea, to enhance and strengthen its properties.

Note: For those who may not have blood sugar to spare, Goldenseal may not be the herb for you.  If this is something you experience and are still interested in trying Goldenseal, it is often recommended to combine it with Stevia Leaf and/or Licorice Root to maintain blood sugar levels.  If you experience loss of appetite, nauseated sensation, and/or light-headedness it may be better to try Myrrh in place of Goldenseal.  Additionally, Goldenseal IS NOT recommended during pregnancy as it may stimulate uterine contractions.