MEMORY & FOCUS, Daily Boost

Type: Capsules

A powerful formula to improve memory, focus, and mental sharpness.*

Based on decades of research, neurologist Dr. Dale Bredesen identified the key ingredients for enhancing memory and focus. NeuroQ Memory and Focus ingredients work together synergistically to protect long-term brain health, increase blood flow, clear toxins, and support healthy brain cells.*


“We’ve been taught for years that there’s nothing to do. In fact, there’s a tremendous amount that we can do… The earlier the better.” – Dr. Dale Bredesen

Boost your brain in three ways.

1. Increases blood flow to the brain.

Fuel your focus. Promotes blood flow to the brain, fueling it with nutrients for better memory and concentration.*

2. Reduces toxins and free radicals.

Clear your head. Sweeps the brain of harmful toxins for better recall and clear thinking.*

3. Supports healthy brain cells.

Boost your brain power. Increases the production of BDNF, which stimulates brain function by 143% in 2 hours!*