Wedderspoon Manuka Honey Lozenges deliver a powerful and fast-acting immune boost that is backed by science. Our lozenges utilize the beneficial nature of genuine New Zealand Manuka Honey to soothe and coat the throat while clinically-proven EpiCor boosts the immune system response within two hours. Perfect for your next flight, in-person meeting, or any time you need an immunity boost. 
  • Epicor - scientifically proven to strengthen the body's defenses and activate the immune response within two hours! 
  • Zinc - support immune health and aid in managing inflammation in the body. 
  • Manuka Honey - made with Wedderspoon's Non-GMO Project verified, genuine Manuka honey from New Zealand to calm the throat.
  • Vitamin C - formulated with Vitamin C to support the immune system

Immunity Seasonal Support: We believe in creating products with simple, effective ingredients that are backed by science. That's why we've developed Manuka Honey Lozenges - your new favorite tool in your feel-better routine.

We start with our genuine Manuka Honey, sourced straight from New Zealand, then add a combination of the most trusted ingredients including clinically-proven EpiCor® to support your immune health.

Ingredients You'll Love - Nothing You Don't
Vitamin C, inc, EpiCor®, Eldeberry Extract Powder, Genuine Manuka Honey

Other ingredients
Organic cane sugar, organic rice syrup, elderberry extract, blue raspberry flavor, powdered citric acid.

What is EpiCor®?
EpiCor® is a scientifically-proven postbiotic developed to strengthen the body's defenses by increasing antioxidant protection and activating the immune response - and it starts working in only 2 hours.