Our herbalists created this unique nighttime tea to support your respiratory health and is a tea for relaxing into sleep during cold winter nights. Using meadowsweet and linden to provide warmth & comfort and herbal sedatives like passionflower and hops to promote restful sleep, this blend provides relief when you need it most.*



  • This blend promotes a good night's sleep and supports respiratory health.

  • TASTE: Warming, aromatic and slightly sweet notes with cinnamon

  • CAFFEINE LEVEL: Caffeine Free


Recommended Use

  • Pour 8 oz. freshly boiled water over 1 tea bag. Cover and steep for 10-15 minutes. Squeeze and remove tea bag to ensure maximum goodness. Enjoy 5-6 cups per day. Especially good with honey.


Organic meadowsweet herb, Organic linden flower, Organic cinnamon bark, Organic passionflower herb, Organic hop strobile, Organic licorice root dry aqueous extract 6:1


Warnings: Do not use this product if you are pregnant or allergic to aspirin, salicylates, or any of the listed ingredients. Consult your healthcare practitioner if sleeplessness persists continuously for more than two weeks; if you are taking sedative medications; or if you are breastfeeding. Consumption with alcohol is not recommended. Some people may experience drowsiness. Exercise caution if you are driving or involved in activities requiring mental alertness within 2 hours of consumption. Not recommended for use with children under 12 years of age.