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Gladiator Fuel

Much of the history of Barley Grass refers to the use of the grain, but that does not mean that the grass was not consumed as well.  It is one of humanity’s most ancient and sacred cultivated grasses.  Widely recognized for its nutritional benefits, it has become known the world over, and is often recommended for building a strong body.  The Roman gladiators consumed so much that they came to be known as the “Hordearii” or “barley eaters.” This nickname was derived from the plant's latin name: Hordeum Vulgare.

Barley Grass Nutrients
While there can be quite a bit of crossover in benefits, Barley is the mirror opposite of Alfalfa in nutritional content. It is more vitamin and amino acid dense than it is in minerals.

  • Contains the full spectrum vitamins, A-E and K, but especially rich in vitamin A, the entire B-Complex, and C
  • Especially rich in calcium, but also contains a full spectrum of trace minerals
  • Contains all essential and non-essential amino acids

The Digestive System

  • Best source of Superoxide Dismutase, or SOD, which can promote gut repair
  • Naturally alkaline and fiber rich which helps to promote a balanced microbiome and encourages bowel regularity
  • Rich in naturally occurring plant enzymes which support overall digestion

Energy Production and the Blood

  • Rich B-Complex and amino acid content promotes cellular energy production
  • Rich antioxidant content promotes healthy blood flow and blood oxygenation
  • Naturally rich in the nutrients needed to build both red and white blood cells.

Incorporate Barley Grass Every Day
Barley Grass is available in capsules, tinctures, tea, powder and juice powder, just like Alfalfa Grass.  It can be made as tea for the minerals, or added to smoothies or juices for the full benefits too. Also similarly to Alfalfa, if a person is having difficulty with digestion and absorbing nutrients, the barley grass juice powder may be their best option.  Note: For those concerned about gluten intolerance and/or blood sugar balance, the grass is completely gluten and carbohydrate free, and is even more nutrient dense than the grain overall.  Enjoy!